Clipboard Craze

This summer I wanted to discover ways for students to easily access the resources I have in the classroom.  One of the things I wanted to revamp was my clipboard system.  

I had the clipboards in a crate in the back of the classroom before, but they weren't being used as much as I thought they could be.  I also had some children taking the clipboards and putting them in their desks and lockers.

My mom and I gathered paper and paint and began creating these clipboards that are now more attractive. Costing us maybe 20 bucks total.  

A tip in creating these clipboards- when using scrapbook paper buy a Xyron machine from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  You run your paper through the machine and it turns into a large sticker.  This will prevent the bumps and air bubbles that arise if you just use modge podge or glue.

I plan to hang the clipboards with small peel and stick hook on the side of each child's desk.  Hanging them will make it more accessible and hopefully will encourage the use.  I numbered the clipboards, so that I wouldn't lose any and I will also use it as another management tool. Instead of calling only color groups, I will be able to also call table member numbers. Click here to get the circle numbers that I placed on each of the clipboards. 

And lastly, after placing the numbers and scrapbook pieces, we need to seal the boards so that they will last.  We used the "Do It Yourself Divas" idea of making our own modge podge.  Check out their pin on how to do it! 

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