Crazy Crate Bench

I am very excited to put my new crate bench in my classroom next year!  This really didn't take long and wasn't very expensive.  I got 4 crates from Target at $5 a crate, the baskets are also at Target for $4, and then I picked up the fabric at Walmart at $8.  At Home Depot, I had them cut wood the length of the four crates together, 54 inches.

Using a staple gun, I stapled the fabric to one side of the wood.  Then put stuffing on the wood.  Then pulled the fabric tight and stapled the other side.  Creating the cushion.

Then I stapled zip ties on the bottom of the board and zip tied it to the crates.

I am very excited to add this to my classroom for another place for students to enjoy a good book!


  1. I love this idea! I am in the process of making one also, but worry about how sturdy it will be. What do you think now that yours is all done?

  2. I was worried about this to, but it is incredibly sturdy! Using zip ties with the crates helped a lot, good luck with yours!

  3. Thanks Heather! I just made it. I was surprised by its sturdiness! My husband and I both sat on it at the same time. He weighs around 190 lbs! So I think it'll be able to withstand kids. http://kinder-fun.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi! I love the idea of turning the crates sideways for seats. This makes them taller. Do you think they are sturdy enough to hold an adult, or at least a jr. high student? I'm looking at making seats for my office. Thanks!