Promoting College in the Classroom

I feel that promoting college and getting kids interested in the future is important starting at the elementary level.  So, last summer I wrote into a few college boards and pitched my case.  In return, I received lots of college pennants, stickers, pencils, pens, and reading materials.  

 One of the neatest things about getting colleges involved is the reading material that they sent me.  The kids love putting a college magazine in their book box to read.  They like to look at the pricing, activities, and dorms.  This brings up great conversation and continues to promote higher education.

One of the first "getting to know you" activities that I do with my class is have them decorate their own college pennant.  They really like decorating and comparing all of the colleges that they plan to attend. 


  1. I came across this on Pinterest, and I just love this idea! I am trying to think of ways to promote colleges in my classroom for the upcoming year. Did you contact the schools directly? How/what did you ask them? I would definitely like to get information from a variety of schools to post in the classroom.

    Thank you!


    1. Hey Colleen!
      I am so glad to hear you want to promote college in your classroom! The kids really took ownership and learned a lot about different colleges from all of the pennants and magazines that I was mailed from these colleges. I wrote a letter that explained how I wanted to promote college and asked if they would help by sending pencils, t-shirts, pennants as well as some reading material that I could put in our library for students to begin to read about their college. I mailed this letter to about 20 colleges and over half responded by sending various things. I can't wait to hear how it turns out for you and what you are able to come up with!

  2. Hello!! I came across this on Pinterest. I love how you're promoting college awareness in your class. I've been wanting to do the same in my classroom, but I'm not sure how. I love your idea of writing to colleges.

    Where exactly did you send your letters to; like, which dept of the colleges? What did you ask in these letters? About how long were they?

    I know the school year has started already, but this is something that I would like to do for my students.

    Thanks in advance!!

    5th grade teacher