Status of the Class

A fabulous 4th grade teacher and myself were talking after school one day and decided that we wanted a better way to keep up with our students reading.  Something that would be the kids responsibility and easily visible!  We created the "Status of the Class."

Each morning when the kids come in they write down the initials of the book they read and from page to page what they read.  For example: "HP 68-104" meaning Harry Potter and they read pages 68-104 that night.

If you forgot your book at school you highlight your box in yellow and use the title of the book you read instead.

If you are abandoning a book from before, you highlight your box in red and prepare to have a conference with the teacher. :)

If you finished a book, you highlight your box green and begin filling out your reading response card.

This allowed us at a glance to see how students are finishing books.  

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