Professional Bulletin Boards

As I work through my grad school work, some of my intern hours have been spent on creating professional bulletin boards.

This board was created for our lounge.  Each grade level would post exemplar work for their grade level.  Teachers also had room to leave sticky notes about classroom observations and experiences.

This board was created for our administration building.  We do 'Author Studies' across grade levels and this is our response to literature unit over our various authors. 

iLove iWrite iReport - Displaying report of information across grade levels. 


  1. Heather, I can so see this adapted to a vocabulary bulletin board in the classroom that can be changed and added on to as units and lessons change. Thanks for sharing, Stacy http://new-in-room-202.blogspot.com

  2. Absolutely, a big focus this year is vocabulary, so more will be posted about vocabulary that works or our class!